Best Practices for Future Rolling Online Availability Schedules



The Rolling Availability option for Online Reservations will automatically update the Start and End Dates of online availability schedules by one day each night at approximately 12:00 AM local time. Online availability schedules will only roll if they include the current date. In this article, you will learn how to set up future rolling availability schedules, so they will roll but still only have availability in the future. 

   From the dashboard, click on the Facilities tab, select the facility you wish to set up Future Rolling Availability Schedule(s), then click on the Online Reservations tab

Future Rolling Availability Schedules

Build a Rolling Availability Schedule with only Future Dates Available

  1. Create/Edit an Availability Schedule;
  2. Enter today's date as the Start Date of the Availability Schedule;
  3. Enter the last date online reservations should be available today in End Date;
  4. Save your Availability Schedule;
  5. Enter a Required lead time for online reservations (in days) to be at least 1 day, so the current date isn't available, and the rolling schedule is only available in the future.

Then, at approximately 12:00 AM local time each night, the schedule will roll forward so the start date and end date are both incremented by 1 day.






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