What Can a Community Member Do if they get a Failed reCAPTCHA Check?



In this article, you will learn about reCAPTCHA and what a Community member can do if they get a failed reCAPTCHA check.


What is reCAPTCHA?

reCAPTCHA is a service from Google that aids in protecting websites from being accessed by bots and other malicious programs. When you add reCAPTCHA to a website, it helps to block these bots and malicious programs and helps legitimate users to use the website smoothly. It accomplishes this by analyzing activity to determine if it came from a human or an automated process.

Why Does RecDesk Have reCaptcha on our Clients' Community Sites?

RecDesk has reCaptcha on a number of sign in and financial pages of RecDesk Community sites to help prevent unauthorized access to the site.

Which Community Pages Does RecDesk Run reCaptcha?

reCaptcha can be found on the following RecDesk Community pages:

  • Member Log In 
  • Create Account Pages 1 and 2
  • Edit Member
  • Add Household Member
  • Add and Edit Payment Options
  • Pay with Credit Card
  • Instructor/Coach/Volunteer Log In

What Can a Community Member do if he/she gets a Failed reCaptcha check?

If a Community member gets a failed reCaptcha message like the following message, there's no need to be alarmed; it just means that reCaptcha thinks your activity may have come from an automated process or bot. 


If you see this message, you can just refresh your page and continue what you were trying to accomplish. You can also log in with a different web browser.


The ReCAPTCHA check is an extra layer of protection to prevent our client's Community sites from being attacked by bots and other malicious programs. It is a Google service and we have no control over how it makes its decisions. It just runs silently in the background of pages, and if the service decides someone is suspicious (we don't know how it makes that decision), then it tells us "this session is probably a bot".

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