Clover EMV Reader Tips and Troubleshooting



In this article, you'll learn some tips on how to set up your Clover EMV device, and how to  troubleshoot some errors.

General Tips

  • All EMV devices must be purchased directly from Clover;
  • Charge your device;
  • Connect your device to the internet; see CardPointe Terminal User Guide list HEREWhen ready for use, devices should show a status of Connected (visible in Merchant Mode on Clover Flex).
  • RecDesk needs to know the name of each terminal and the HSN of the device. Please complete this form for all new devices.

Quick Setup Notes for Popular Models 

  • Clover Flex
    • After you are connected to the internet, you will receive an email from Clover entitled Clover Activation Code containing an 8-digit activation code. Each device will have a different activation code. Once you enter the activation code on the device, Clover will install the latest apps.
    • To switch between Customer Mode (the mode the terminal must be in to accept payments in RecDesk) and Merchant Mode (where the Admin Panel exists for setup purposes) ), tap on all 4 corners of the screen at once.
    • You must be in Customer Mode prior to attempting to make payments in RecDesk. If you wish to Lock your device in Customer Mode, follow these steps:
      1. If in Customer Mode, switch to Merchant Mode by pressing all four corners of the screen simultaneously;
      2. Once in Merchant Mode, click on the Admin Panel;
      3. Press the Lock Customer Mode toggle to the On position and click OKAY to confirm.
  • Ingenico ISMP4


    • Press F,7,6,7 very quickly to access the admin menu;
    • Press F1 to move the cursor left;
    • Press F2 to move the cursor down;
    • Press F3 to move the cursor up;
    • Press F4 to move the cursor right;
    • Press the O to select;
    • Press the < (yellow less than sign) to clear;
    • Press the X to cancel or return to the menu.


  • If, upon testing a terminal for the first time, you encounter this error on the RecDesk Payment Page: ERROR: -1: Could not start a new session with terminal. Please try again - timestamp, please perform two hard resets of the terminal; see below for instructions. Then close out your browser and try the payment again. If the problem persists after these attempts, contact RecDesk Support at
    • Hard Resets 
      • Clover Flex
        1. Remove the reader from it's charging cradle or unplug the device;
        2. Hold down the power button on the right side of the reader for 32 seconds;
        3. Once it's off, press the power button again to restart the reader.
      • Ingenico ISMP4
        1. Press the < (yellow less than sign) and the # buttons together.
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