How Do I Register a Person for a Program?



In this article, you will learn how to register a person for a program.

  Before You Start

 Registering people for Programs within RecDesk Director can be done a any of these ways:

  1. Go to the Program List (see What is the Program List? ) page and click the Register button to the right of that Program; or
  2. Click on the Registration tab on the main navigation bar up top
  3. Go to Member List (see What is the Member List and How do I Perform an Advanced Member Search?)
  4. Go to a Member profile and click Register.


Registering a Person for a Program

  1. Select the individual who is registering for the Program:
    • If they're already a Member in RecDesk, click Search and then choose them from the list by clicking the Select button or click Add New to add a member profile (see Notes below)
    • If other registrations are in the Shopping Cart for the household, a Member can be selected from the Member drop-down
  2. Select the Program Name from the list (it will be preselected if registration was initiated from the Program List page)
  3. If this is a FlexReg program, select the Time Slots (scheduled dates) the individual wishes to register for. Each Time Slot will show the number of spots remaining, but even if that time is full, you can override that when registering in-house; see Tips below.
  4. Select the Fee Type from the drop-down. The amount will be automatically set, but can be overridden if the RecDesk User role is Director or Assistant Director.
  5. Select the Registration Source from the drop-down
  6. Enter Note (optional)
  7. Answer any Custom Questions that were defined for the Program
  8. Click Save.

The registration is now in pending status and in the Programs Cart. At this point, more registrations can be added or you can click on the Checkout button to Create the Invoice


  • Member registrations can also be initiated from the Member's Profile page.
  • Many of the online restrictions can be overridden when registering in-house via RecDesk Director, and will be noted in red, including:
    • Enrollment Dates
    • Enrollment Maximum
    • Age Restrictions
    • Registrant Already Registered or in Cart
    • Note: FlexForms on Checkout too


  • If adding a New Member, if the registrant is part of a household, be sure to set up the entire household prior to beginning the registration process. See How do I Create or Edit a Member Account?
  • A FlexReg program only shows as FULL on the Program List when ALL time slots are full
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