How Do I Approve a Waitlisted Person for Online Registration?



In this article, you will learn how to Approve a Wait Listed person so they can register online.

  Before You Start

The person on the Wait List must be part of a household that has at least one member who has Community portal online credentials. See How do I set up Community Portal log in credentials? This will enable individuals to register regardless of whether the program is full/not full.

 Click Programs then click on the program name. Then click on the Wait List tab.

Approve Waitlist for Online Reg.gif

How to Approve a Waitlisted Person for Online Registration

  1. Click on the Actions button next to the individual you wish to approve for online registration;
  2. Click Aprove for Online Registration;
  3. Then click Send Notification.


  • Once a waitlisted person is approved for online registration, we will send a notification email to all household members with online credentials and a valid email address with steps to register online.
  • The person will have 24 hours to register online by default, but we can increase/decrease this time; please contact your RecDesk Customer Success Manager or email
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