How do I Create or Edit a Program?



In this article, you will learn how to create a new program or edit an existing program.

  Before You Start

Before adding a Program, you should create Program Types, Program Subtypes and General Ledger Accounts that are appropriate for your organization. See How Do I Set Up Custom Drop Down Lists? If you plan on setting up RecDesk Leagues for this sport, be sure to set up a separate program for each grouping (age and or gender). This will ensure you only have the correct list of Players to Assign to Teams within each League.

 Click Programs then Add New Program OR click on a program name and click Edit.

Creating a New Program


  1. Assign the Program a Name, Program Type and optionally, a Subtype and/or Custom Program Code
  2. If you would like support for Drop Ins, select either Yes - Preregistration Required or Yes - No Preregistration Required from the Drop In Support drop down. See What is Attended Check-in and how do I use it? for how Drop in Support can be used.
  3. If you would like the Program to be available for Online Registration make sure the Online Registration and Show on Portal checkboxes are checked. They are checked by default.
  4. If you'd like to make the Program schedule appear on the Community portal's Program Detail page AND on the Community Calendar, check Show Schedule on Portal. The default is checked.
  5. If you'd like to make the Program schedule appear on the Director Flex Calendar, check Show Schedule on Internal Calendar. It is most often checked, but may be unchecked if you're using a Program to track registrations/usage outside of the normal workflow. Default is checked.
  6. If you'd like to allow wait listing for this Program once the Enrollment Maximum is reached, check Allow Wait Listing. Default is checked.
  7. If you would like Online Registration to only be available for specific window of time, enter an Enrollment Begin Date and/or Enrollment End Date. You can also optionally Set Specific Time(s) for one or both of these dates.These date(s)/time(s) only impact Online Registration. You will always be able to register individuals in-house (via RecDesk Director) at any time.
  8. Specify an Instructor only if you want to specify someone who is NOT on the Personnel/Volunteers List with a Role of Instructor. Otherwise, assign instructors on the Instructors Tab (see How do I Assign an Instructor to a Program?).
  9. Enter a Description and/or Notes for the Program. The public will see these on the RecDesk Community portal.
  10. If you wish to include Notes on the registrant's receipt, check Include Notes on Receipt.


  1. You may optionally assign a GL Account code to this Program
  2. You may optionally assign a Sales Tax rate to this Program


This section allows you to communicate what demographic this Program is targeted towards. All attributes in this section are optional and are for informational purposes only (with the exception of Enrollment Maximum - see below).

  1. If you enter a value into Enrollment Maximum, online registration will be cut off as soon as that limit is reached. Prospective registrants will be given the option to get on a Wait List. Enrollment beyond the Enrollment Maximum limit can be performed in-house within RecDesk Director. For FlexReg Enrollment Maximums, see * Notes here.
  2. Age Restrictions You can optionally enter Minimum and/or Maximum Age for a program (years only, not months). If you would like this restriction to be enforced on the RecDesk Community portal for online registrants, you must also enter a corresponding Age as of Date for the cutoff. See ** in Notes here
  3. Fees - Add all fees under the Fees tab (see How Do I Create or Edit Fees for a Program?).

Custom Questions

  1. Custom Questions are used to collect further information from registrants at the time of registration. A common Custom Question might be: What is your t-shirt size? Responses to these questions then appear on the Detailed Roster. 

 Click Save.


Custom Questions are used to collect more information for the this program. If multiple programs need the same information, consider using FlexForms (see FlexForms).


** If this is a FlexReg program and a schedule is already in place, adding/changing an Enrollment Maximum will only be applied to new scheduled dates added after the Enrollment Max is added/changed. Please edit the Flex tab to update individual time slot maximums.

** Age as of Date is the date you want a registrant to be that age (Age Minimum) and not exceed an age until (Age Maximum). For example, if you want a registrant to be 8 by 9/1/2019 and not to be older than 10 by 11/30/2019, enter 9/1/2019 as the Age Minimum Enforce as of Date and enter 11/30/2019 as the Age Maximum Enforce as of Date. 

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