How do I add Instructors to Programs?



In this article you will learn how to add an instructor to a program.

  Before You Start

To make an Instructor available in the drop down list below, they first need to be added on the Personnel/Volunteers List page with a Role of Instructor. See How do I Create or Edit Personnel (Instructors/Coaches/Volunteers)?

 Click on Programs and click on the program name. Then click on the Instructors tab.


Adding Instructors to Programs

  1. Click on the Add Instructor button
  2. Choose an Instructor from the drop down. If you don't see the Intructor in the drop down, see How do I Create or Edit Personnel (Instructors/Coaches/Volunteers)?
  3. If you'd like to enter the Instructor's Compensation Schema for reporting/expensing purposes, complete the following:
    • Select a Compensation Schema of Percent or Per Student from the drop down (see * in Notes here)
    • Enter the numeric Compensation Value (ie enter 50 for 50% or for $50 Per Student)
  4. Optionally, add a Note on this Instructor
  5. Click Save.


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