What is the Roster List?



The Roster List shows all registrants of a program. In this article you will learn how to filter the list and perform Forms Actions and Roster Actions on that filtered list.

 Click Programs then click on the program name. Then click on the Roster tab.

Roster List

Basic Roster Searches and Options


  1. Optionally choose any or all of the following filters:
    • Last Name
    • Standard Fee Type
    • Residency
  2. Click Apply Search
  3. Click on Forms Actions to perform actions on FlexForms. See What Forms Actions Can I Perform from a Roster?
  4. Click On Roster Actions to perform other roster actions. See What Actions Can I Perform from a Roster?

Advanced Roster Searches


  1. Click Show Advanced Options
  2. Choose one or multiple filters:
    • Payment Status
    • Add-Ons
    • Required Forms Status
    • Gender
    • Age (drop down will contain all ages on roster)
    • City/Town (drop down will contain all cities/towns on roster)
    • Zip Code (drop down will contain all zip codes on roster)
  3. Sort Results by:
    • Last Name (default); or
    • Registration Date
  4. Click Apply Search
  5. Select any Forms Actions or Roster Actions listed above under Basic Roster Searches and Options


  • Click Clear All to clear all filters selected
  • Hover your mouse over any badges next to name to see more information
  • Hover your mouse over I (In-house Registration) or O (Online Registration) to see date and time of registration


  • Form Actions and Roster Actions will be performed on the filters applied to the search and will only include active registrants
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