How do I Create and Use a Facility Permit?



Permitting Templates are used to define Permits for Facility Reservations. These are customizable depending on your organization's needs. The basic concept is that you can use your own verbiage to define permitting templates and then place data tokens within the template so things such as dates and times, facility name and individual making a reservation are inserted at report runtime.

   To create a new Permitting Template go to the Facilities tab and click Permitting Templates from the submenu.

How to Create a Permitting Template

Permits are optional in RecDesk. They are used primarily when your organization wishes to give more detailed information for a reservation than what the confirmation email and invoice already gives.

Basic Workflow:

  1. Assign a Template Name and a Header for the Permit.
  2. Enter the verbiage of your template as you would like it to display in the Body field
    • HTML tags are accepted
    • Avoid using the characters &, < and >
  3. Insert available tokens into the Body of your template wherever you'd like. Available tokens are:
    • [OrganizationName]
    • [FacilityName]
    • [FacilityAddressLine1]
    • [FacilityAddressLine2]
    • [FacilityCity]
    • [FacilityState]
    • [FacilityZip]
    • [FacilityDescription] 
    • [FacilityNote]
    • [ReservationId]
    • [ReservationYear]
    • [ReservationUse]
    • [ReservationDescription] - Called Note on FlexScheduler Reservations (see FlexScheduler Reservations)
    • [ReservationStartTime]
    • [ReservationEndTime]
    • [ReservationGroupSize]
    • [AllDates] - for multi-day reservations
    • [AllDatesWithTotal] - Designed for use with FlexScheduler Reservations (see FlexScheduler Reservations)
    • [MemberName]
    • [MemberAddressLine1]
    • [MemberAddressLine2]
    • [MemberCity]
    • [MemberState]
    • [MemberZip]
    • [MemberHomePhone]
    • [MemberMobilePhone]
    • [MemberEmailAddress]
    • [TotalAmount]
    • [ReservationAmount]
    • [SecurityDepositAmount]
    • [SalesTaxAmount]
    • [AmountPaid]
    • [AmountDue]
    • [PrintDate]
    • [PrintTime]
  4. Click Save.

Printing Permits

  • Locate the Reservation on the FlexCalendar and click on it. A pop-up will occur. Click Print Permit, then select Group by Date or Group by Facility

  • Perform a Reservation Search (see How do I Find a Reservation with the "Reservation Search?") and click Print Permit, then select Group by Date or Group by Facility


You can have as many different permitting templates you'd like and assign them to specific facilities by selecting it from the Permitting Template drop down. See How do I Create or Edit a Facility?

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