How is a Payment made on a Payment Plan Installment In-House?



Payment Plan Installments can be made manually by navigating to an Invoice that has a Payment Plan and by clicking on View Payment Plan or Make a Payment.

   From to the Dashboard, go to the Member's profile. Click on their balance owing tab to go to their outstanding invoices. Select the invoice of which you wish to take payment.


How to make a payment on a payment plan

  • Click Make Payment
  • Select to Pay Installment (Note: Sales tax will be calculated at the time of the payment)
  • You will be brought to the traditional payment page to complete the transaction


Once the payment is complete, the Outstanding Balance Due on the Invoice will be adjusted accordingly and the Invoice Due Date will be be changed to the date the next installment is due. Once the last Installment Payment is made, the Invoice Status will be set to Paid.

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