What are the Most Commonly used End of Day Reports?



Many organizations use the following reports for an end of day reports for all the activity in the system. The report you choose will be determined by what your organizations needs. Below are our recommendations.

Quick Front Desk Staff End of Day Report

  1. Payment Reconciliation - (See What is the Payment Reconciliation Report?)

Administrative User End of Day Reports

  1.  Revenue by Period - Summary  or Revenue by Period - Detail (See What are the "Revenue by Period - Summary/Detail" Reports? or What are the "Revenue By Period - Summary/Detail" in General Ledger Reports?
  2. POS Register/Shift Detail - Point of Sale Specific Report - only enabled if requested from your CSM.  (See What is the "POS Register/Shift Detail" Report?)
  3.  Payment Detail by Period (See What is the "Payment Detail by Period" Report?)
  4.  Refunds by Period (See What is the "Refunds by Period" Report?)
  5.  Financial Transaction Detail (See What is the "Financial Transaction Details" Extract Report?)
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