How do I Take Money for something that isn't already in the system?



The Create Invoice (Receive Payment) option in RecDesk allows you to create a new invoice to process and record payments in RecDesk that are not in the context of a Program Registration, Facility Reservation, Membership Enrollment, POS or Check-in. These may be incidental payments for things such as t-shirts, fund raising or similar.

  From the Dashboard, go to the Money tab and click on the sub menu Create Invoice.


How to Create an Invoice For a Miscellaneous Item

    1. Enter the Customer Name by clicking on the Find or Add New button
    2. The Invoice Date defaults to the date the Invoice was created, but can be changed
    3. For Item, type the item name for this item on the invoice
    4. Enter the Quantity (Qty) and its Unit Price
    5. You may optionally add a Security Deposit in the Sec Dep field
    6. Optionally choose the Sales Tax rate from the drop down
    7. You may also optionally assign a GL Account to the Item
    8. Click OK
    9. Repeat this process by clicking on Add New Line Item for each Item in the Invoice
    10. Click Create Invoice once all line items are entered.
    11. Choose Process Payment Later (Send Email Confirmation Now) or Process Payment Now and follow the steps from the Pay Invoice page of Making a Payment
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