What are Tags and How are they Used?



In this article you'll learn what a tag is and how to use them effectively

What are Tags?

Tags are a useful way to further categorize/organize Members, Personnel/Volunteers and Facilities in your organization. RecDesk provides the basic framework for managing all of these important items, but each department and organization is a bit different with varying needs. This is where Tags come in and can be very useful in tailoring RecDesk to your specific needs. Using tags effectively can make it easier to quickly find and make use of the information you need.

The best way to explain how tags can be useful is with some examples.

Example of a Member Tag: Track customers/members with special medical needs by adding a tag named medic alert. This tag will then show up on all interactions with customer and can also be used for filtering and searching on Members. These same filters can be applied when creating a recipient list for bulk emails.

Example of a Personnel/Volunteer Tag: Your Coach/Volunteer policy requires that all coaches pass a Concussion Awareness online course. You want to track who has/has not completed the training. Create a tag named concuss-aware to track who has completed the requirement. (Note: a similar (and perhaps better way) - to do this would be to use the Attach Document feature for Personnel/Volunteers - but the Tags way is illustrative of tags and their flexibility).

Example of a Facility Tag: You have a number of multi-use fields - that can be used for baseball, soccer, softball, ultimate-frisbeecricket etc - but not all fields are appropriate for all uses. Create tags named baseball, soccer, softball, ultimate etc and assign them to the appropriate facilities. This way, when viewing the Flex Calendar or filtering Facilities on the Facility List page, you can filter the view to include only those with the tags you specify.


See how to create tags here: How do I Create Tags?

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