How Do I Set Up Custom Household Credit GL Code?



RecDesk supports the crediting of a Household Account rather than refunding via check, cash or credit card. This allows the balance to be applied to future in-house registrations, membership enrollments, or reservations by any Member of that household (see What is a Household Credit, and how do I use it?). If you are using General Ledger Accounts and you will be using the Household Credit feature, you should first set up your Household Credit GL Code. You will learn how to set this up in this article.

  Before You Start

Set up a General Ledger Code for your Househoild Credit Account. See How do I Set Up Custom Categories and Drop Down Lists?

 Click Admin, then Settings. Then, under Financial Settings, click Edit next to Household Credit GL Code.


Setting Up a Custom Household Credit GL Code

  1. Choose your Household Credit GL Code from the drop down
  2. Click Save.


If no Household Credit GL Code is added here, then Household Credit dollar amounts will appear under a default House Credit GL Code of NONE - Household Credits

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