How Can I Show or Hide Menu Tabs in RecDesk Director?



The Memberships, Leagues, and/or POS menu tabs can be shown/hidden in RecDesk Director (they are shown by default). In this article you will learn how to show or hide menu tabs in RecDesk Director

  Before You Start

You must have an administrative role of Director to show or hide menu tabs

 Click Admin then Settings. Then scroll down to the Show/Hide Director Tabs section


How To Show or Hide Menu Tabs in RecDesk Director

To change the menu tabs that show in RecDesk Director:

  1. Click Edit next to any of the following tabs you'd like to change (default is to Show the tab):
    • Show Memberships tab
    • Show Leagues tab
    • Show POS tab
  2. Change the option to Y to Show the tab, or N to Hide the tab
  3. Click Save.


If you'd like Memberships or Leagues tab removed from your RecDesk Community site, please contact your RecDesk Customer Success Manager

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