How do I Add a Hyperlink to a Program Note?



In this article you will learn how to add a hyperlink to a Program Note.

  Before You Start

If you are linking to a document, it must be uploaded to the web so you can link to it.

 Click Programs, click on the program name, then click on the Edit button.

How to Add a Hyperlink to a Program Note

  1. In a different tab of your browser, open the webpage to which you'd like to link. If linking to a document that is not online, upload it to your Forms page if you have RecDesk Content Management and then click on it to view it; see How do I Upload Documents to Content Management Pages? If you don't have RecDesk Content Management and would like to upload files for this purpose, contact your RecDesk Customer Success Manager.
  2. Go back to RecDesk Director tab.
  3. In the Program Notes field, type all the words up to where you want the hyperlink placed.
  4. Then, add this computer code, replacing the bold formatted parts accordingly:

    <a href="" style="color:red;text-decoration:underline" target="_new">Handbook</a>


    • is the Url of the page you'd like to link to (you can get this by clicking on the tab of your browser where the page is displayed, highlighting and copying the url to the clipboard (Url is in the address bar and starts with  http));

    • color:red is the color of the text;

    • text-decoration:underline underlines the text;

    • target="_new" opens the hyperlink in a new window;

    • and Handbook is the text you click on to link to that webpage.
  5. Be sure to click Save.
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