How do I send a Bulk Email Campaign?



RecDesk allows you to create Email Campaigns and send them to select Members in your database....or all of them. There is real power in being able to easily segment your lists and send targeted informational or marketing emails to your members.

  Before You Start

You must have a bulk email managing account configured properly to send bulk email campaigns in RecDesk. If you have questions about this configuration, reach out to your Customer Success Manager for assistance.

   From the Dashboard, click on the Members tab and click on Bulk Email Campaigns from the submenu.


Creating and Sending Email Campaigns:

  1. Click Create New Campaign
  2. Type in Campaign Name of your choice and choose when you wish it to send. "Schedule Time" default is to Send Immediately, but you can click Schedule for Later and designate a time.
  3. Click Select Recipients.
  4. This brings you to the Advanced Member Search screen.
  5. Enter search parameters and click Apply Search (to select ALL members in database, leave everything blank and click Apply Search).
  6. Once your search results contain the desired recipients, click on the Recipient List Actions dropdown button on the bottom right of the screen.
  7. Choose Primary Email Addresses Only or Primary and Alternate (Cancel will cancel the search and bring you back to the New Email Campaign screen). Select the Recipient Placement (Bcc, To or Cc) from that list.
  8. Once you return to the New Email Campaign screen, Recipients will indicate the number of unique email addresses receiving the email.
  9. Add any additional email addresses in the Additional To, Additional Cc, or Additional Bcc field separated by semicolons (;).
  10. Add the Subject of the email
  11. Use the Rich Text Editor to compose your email. We don't support attachments on emails, and images need to be inserted using embed codeDo not copy and paste from any other software.
  12. When you have finished composing, you have three primary choices:
    • Save for Send: this option will stage the email to be sent at the chosen time
    • Cancel
    • Save as a Draft: will allow you to edit the email again before officially saving it to send it.


To run a test on your system - type in a campaign name, recipient email address, a subject and a short message - just to test.  Once you click Send Test Email, click OK and it returns to the email screen.

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