What are the features of the Flex Calendar?



The FlexCalendar is an easy to use, new and improved calendar that can be viewed in several ways.

   From the Dashboard click on the Flex Calendar blue button to the right; you can also click the submenu Flex Calendar from under the Dashboard tab. 


Features of the Flex Calendar

Multiple View Choices:

  • Month view
  • Week view
  • Day view
  • Scheduler view
  • List view

Easy Navigation By Date

Robust Filtering

  • Title of Reservation (any word in title)
  • Facility Tags
  • Setup/Teardown
    • Hide Setup/Teardown
    • Show Setup/Teardown times ONLY
    • Show Setup times ONLY
    • Show Teardown times ONLY
  • Event Type
  • Facility/Facilities

Easy exporting/printing

Wide Screen View for maximizing your view


  • Clicking on the program or reservation from the Flex Calendar will show you the details of the program or event, and allow you to go to it's details. See How do I view or edit facility reservations?
  • Hovering your mouse over the little icons on calendar entries will tell you more information about a reservation:
    • a person icon means a member made the reservation
    • means it is an Online Reservation
    • $$ means there is a Balance Due
    • P means it is a Primary Facility (Parent) reservation
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