How Do I Allow Community Members to Pay Later for Anything Online?



RecDesk offers an Invoice Me (Pay Later) option for those customers who would like to allow their Community Members to register for Programs, enroll in Memberships and make Reservations Online but Pay Later. In this article you will learn how to allow this on your RecDesk Community site.

 Click Admin then Settings. Then, under Financial Settings, click Edit next to Invoice Me (Pay Later) Option


How To Allow Community Members to Pay Later for Anything Online

  1. Choose from one of the following options for all online payments from the RecDesk Community site:
    • Credit Card (Pay Now) Only (default) - this option requires ALL RecDesk Community payments to be made by Credit Card at the time the online transaction takes place;
    • Credit Card (Pay Now) OR Invoice Me (Pay Later) - this option allows the Community Member to choose between paying now by selecting Pay Now via Credit Card or paying later by selecting Invoice Me (Pay Later);
    • Invoice Me (Pay Later) Only - this option will result in ALL RecDesk Community transactions creating an invoice to be paid later.
  2. Click Save.


To allow Pay Later or Deposit Only on a specific program, see Community Payment Option here: How Do I Create or Edit Fees for a Program? Please Note that if you allow Invoice Me (Pay Later) or Credit Card (Pay Now) OR Invoice Me (Pay Later) under your Admin Settings, registrants can pay later, regardless of the setting on the Program.


For either option including Credit Card (Pay Now) Only, you must select and configure a Payment Processor.

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