How Do I Add Someone to the Wait List?



When a Program is full (reached Enrollment Maximum), you can Add prospective registrants to a Wait List. In this article you will learn how this is done.

  Before You Start

The Member must be added prior to adding him/her to the Wait List. See How do I Create or Edit a Member Account?

 Click Programs then click on the program name. Then click on the Wait List tab.


How to Add Someone to the Wait List

  1. Click Add to Wait List
  2. Type the Last Name of the Member and choose the Member from the drop down
  3. Click Add Now.


  • Participants can add themselves to the Wait List from the Online Community site if online registration is still open, the program is full, and Allow Wait Listing is checked under Program Info. See How Do I Create or Edit a Program?
  • Once Members are added to the Wait List, you can click Actions and Email or Text all Members on that Wait List. You can also Export Full Detail to Excel.
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