How do I Take Attendance for a Program in RecDesk Director?



In this article, you will learn how to take attendance for a date on a program's schedule in RecDesk Director.

  Before You Start

You must have dates on the Schedule in order to take Attendance.

 Click on Programs and click on the program name. Then click on the Attendance tab.


Taking Attendance for a Program in RecDesk Director

  1. Click Take Attendance on the date attendance willl be taken. All current registrants will appear in the column on the left under Eligible Registrants.
  2. Click Add for each registrant present. They will be moved to the column labelled Attendees.
  3. You can optionally click Attendance Actions then click Export Attendance Sheet. See Tips.


  • Attendance can be updated at any time in RecDesk Director. Attendance can also be taken/updated on the actual day of the program, from one hour prior to the start of the program or anytime that day by instructors who have been allowed online access to the program from the RecDesk Community site. See How Do I Give an Instructor or Coach Online Access to See his/her Rosters?
  • You can also Export Attendance Summary and/or Attendance Detail Extracts by clicking on Attendance Actions from the list of all dates.
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