How do I Add a FlexForm to a Program?



FlexForms built via the FlexForms Builder can be assigned to Programs for completion at the time of in-house or online registration.

  Before You Start

Forms must be built using the The FlexForms Builder prior to assigning them to Programs. See How do I Create or Edit a FlexForm?

 Click on the Programs tab and select the program you wish to add a FlexForm to. While viewing a Program, navigate to the Forms tab and click the Edit button.


Adding a FlexForm to a Program

  1. Check the Form(s) that are required to be completed at the time of registration
  2. For each Form checked, choose:
    • Requirement Type:
      • New Form Each Time - Use this Requirement Type if you would like Program Registrants to have to fill out a new instance of this form for each registration - regardless of whether they've filled out the same form for a prior registration
      • Shared -  Use this Requirement Type if you would like Program Registrants to only have to fill this form out ONCE. This means that if they have a prior instance of this form that has already been completed, they will not have to fill it out again. They will however have the opportunity to update it. This is common for fairly static information like Health Assessments.
    • Optionally check Allow Partial Completion to allow Online Registrants to proceed through the Check Out process without having to completely fill out all required form elements (less common). 
    • Optionally check Internal Use Only to make this form available ONLY IN-HOUSE (for internal purposes only).
  3. Click Save.


All Forms required for In-house Registrations are allowed to be partially completed

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