How do I Create an Item to Sell?



Adding new Sale Items and modifying existing ones begins on the Sale Items Page. See What is the Sale Items List? In this article you will learn how to create an Item to sell on a POS terminal.

  Before You Start

Before adding a Sale Item, you need to create Item Categories. See How do I Create an Item Category?

 Click on the POS tab then click on the Sales Items subtab.


Creating an Item to Sell

  1. Click on the Add New Item button
  2. Enter the Name of the Item for sale
  3. You may optionally scan in a barcode under SKU so you can scan the barcodes at the time of sales/returns. See What Type of Barcode Reader Works with RecDesk?
  4. If you wish to describe the Item, enter a Description for the Item
  5. Select the Category the Item belongs to from the drop down. See How do I Create an Item Category?
  6. After selecting the Category, the Sales Tax and GL Code will be pre-filled with the default values for that Category. If you wish to change either of those values, choose from the appropriate drop down. The default Color for the Category will also pre-fill but can be modified (see below)
  7. Enter the Unit Price for the Item
  8. If you would like to Track Inventory for this Item, be sure to check Track Inventory
  9. If you'd like to select a Color for this Item or change it from the default Category Color, click on the Color box. First select the Color Hue, then the Color and click choose
  10. Click Save.

Editing a Sale Item

  1. Click on the name of the Sale Item to be edited
  2. Click on the Edit Item button
  3. Make any changes
  4. Click Save.

Deleting a Sale Item

  1. Click on the name of the Sale Item to be deleted
  2. Click on the Edit Item button
  3. Click on the Delete button
  4. Click OK to Confirm.


A Sale Item can only be Deleted if it does not Track Inventory. You'll need to click Edit Item, uncheck Track Inventory, Save, and then you can Edit Item again and Delete the item.

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