How do I Add a Location where I'll have a POS Terminal?



To sell Items via the RecDesk Point of Sale system, you need to identify which Location(s) will have POS Terminal(s). Locations can be any Facility you have defined in RecDesk. In this article you will learn how to select Locations for your POS terminals.

  Before You Start

You must create the Facility in order to choose it as a Location for a POS terminal. See How do I Create or Edit a Facility?

 Click on the POS tab then click on the Locations subtab.


Adding a POS Location

  1. Click on the Add Location Button
  2. Choose a Facility to be included as a POS Location from the Location to add drop down
  3. Click Save.

Removing a Location

  1. Click on the Remove button next to the Location to be removed
  2. See Notes below and click OK to confirm.


Removing a Location will remove the Location from list of available POS Locations. Please be sure to transfer any remaining inventory from this Location to an active Location before clicking OK to confirm removal of the Location.

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