How Can I Print on a Thermal Printer and Open a Cash Drawer from a POS Terminal?



RecDesk supports a Thermal Printer and Cash Drawer for POS. See Which Thermal Printer and Cash Drawer Work with RecDesk POS? In this article, you will learn how you can set up RecDesk POS to print on a thermal printer and open a cash drawer at the end of each POS transaction.


Printing on a Thermal Printer and Opening Cash Drawer

Once the Thermal Printer Test is complete, follow these steps to print a thermal receipt and open the cash drawer:

  1. Open the Firefox Browser as recommened in How do I Enable Auto Printing on the POS Thermal Printer?
  2. Log in to RecDesk Director and click Go To POS. If you have a role of POS Cashier or POS Shift Manager, simply log in.
  3. Choose a Location
  4. If your system is configured with multiple Registers per Location, select a Register from the drop down. See How do I Manage Multiple Registers at One Location?
  5. Check off Enable Receipt Printer and Cash Drawer Choose_Thermal_Print.png
  6. Click Next
  7. Sell Items. See How do I Sell Items on a POS Terminal?
  8. If you allow auto receipt cut and open cash drawer and enable auto printing, the receipt will print ans the cash drawer will open. See How do I Allow Auto Receipt Cut and Open POS Cash Drawer? and How do I Enable Auto Printing on the POS Thermal Printer? You can also click on the Print drop down and select Print Thermal Receipt.


Thermal Printing is available for all transactions after you have completed all the steps to connect. Non-Transaction Cash Drawer needs are POS only. 

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