How do I Create or Edit a League and its Divisions?



In this article, you will learn how to create a new league and optionally add multiple divisions for the league.

  Before You Start

Before you can create a league in RecDesk, you must first create a current/future program to base the league on. This way, registrants will automatically get "pulled into" the program so you may assign those players to teams, if desired. Please be sure to create a separate program for each league.

  Type basic navigation (ie Click on the Leagues tab, then click Add New League OR click on a league name and click Edit League.


Creating a New League

  1. Choose the Season for the League from the drop down list. You may optionally enter a Season Name ** as well
  2. Enter the Category of the League (i.e. Baseball, Basketball, etc.)
  3. Enter the Name of the League
  4. All Leagues are based on an existing program. Choose the Based on Program from the drop down list (note: all active programs appear in this list)
  5. Enter the Start Date and the End Date of the League's Season
  6. Check the Show on Portal box to make this League appear on the Community portal. See ** in Notes here.
  7. Check the Show on Internal Calendar box to make this League's scheduled games appear on the Director Flex Calendar
  8. Check the Show on Community Calendar box to make this League's scheduled games appear on the Community Calendar
  9. Change the Custom Color for this League's games on the Flex Calendar and Community Calendar (optional)
  10. Enter a Description for this League (optional)
  11. Enter additional Notes for this League (optional)
  12. Click Save. This brings you to the League Info page
  13. From the League Info page you may click on the blue Actions button to Print All Simple Rosters, Print All Detailed Rosters, or to send Emails to all League players
  14. Next, create the Divisions in the League (optional).

Creating a Division (optional) 

  1. All Leagues are assigned a Default Division. To Change the name of this Default Division, click Edit, change the Name, and click Save. See Tips here.
  2. To add another Division, click the Add Division button. Give the Division a Name, and click Save.
  3. Continue on to Creating Teams.


The first (default) Division cannot be removed and will always be visible on the Community portal if Show on Portal is checked for that League; therefore, be sure to use the first Division and rename it if you'd like.


** If Show on Portal is checked, Season Name and Category are visible on the Leagues List page of the Community portal.

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