How do I Manually Create a Schedule for a League?



RecDesk gives you the ability to manually schedule games at facilities/fields defined in your system.  When scheduling games at your organizations's facilities, RecDesk takes care of notifying you of any conflicts with other reservations at those facilities. In this article, you will learn how to add a schedule manually.

  Before You Start

You will need to have all facilities created in the system that you wish to assign games to. See How do I Create or Edit a Facility?

  From the League tab, select the League you wish to schedule. Click the Schedule tab within that League.


Manually Scheduling a Game

    1. Be sure you have your schedule options complete - locations and game duration
    2. Select the Division for which you are scheduling, then click Add Game
    3. Select the Home Team and the Away Team from the list of teams defined for that Division
    4. Enter Start Date and Times
    5. Select a location 
    6. Click Save

 Deleting Schedules and/or Games

  • To delete an entire schedule, click Schedule Actions, *DELETE* Entire Schedule (you will be asked to confirm before anything is deleted)
  • You may also reschedule games or remove all that day's games by clicking on the Day Actions button on that day's schedule
  • An individual game can be deleted by clicking on the Edit button next to the game and clicking the Delete button
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