How Can I Set Residency Based on an Address/GIS Database?



RecDesk also supports the migration of GIS/Address Data into RecDesk for purposes of auto-adjudicating Residency Status. It is the responsibility of the recreation organization/municipality to provide RecDesk with an Excel file that conforms to a specific format provided by your RecDesk Customer Success Manager. In most instances the recreation organization/municipality will have to work with their IT department to provide this extract, but depending on the system being migrated from, there may be a canned report/extract that already serves this purpose.


  • Please contact RecDesk for more information on implementing this premium functionality
  • Once initial import of Address/GIS is complete, RecDesk Director has a maintenance page where ongoing changes to Address data is maintained by the subscribing organization. The organization can also opt to NOT seed this data by doing an import but rather enter Addresses manually up front.
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