How do I Add a Tag to a Facility?



In this article you will learn how to add a tag to a facility. Tags will allow you to perform an Advanced Facility Search in the FlexCalendar by filtering for a tag.

  Before You Start

Before tagging facilities, be sure to add any/all tags you'd like to use. See How Do I Create Tags?

   Click on a the facility name from the Facility List of which you wish to add the tag.

How to add a tag to a facility:

  1. Click Add Tag
  2. Check off all tags that apply to this facility
  3. Click Close Edit



Effective use of a facility tag may look like this: You have a number of multi-use fields - that can be used for baseball, soccer, softball, ultimate-frisbeecricket etc - but not all fields are appropriate for all uses. Create tags named baseball, soccer, softball, ultimate etc and assign them to the appropriate facilities. This way, when viewing the Flex Calendar or filtering Facilities on the Facility List page, you can filter the view to include only those with the tags you specify.

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