How do I Assign Players to Teams?



In this article you will learn how to assign players to teams in a league if you opt to do so.

  Click on the Leagues tab and click on the league name. Then click on the Players tab.


Assigning Players to Teams

  1. Select your Division from the drop down
  2. To see all unassigned players, change the Team on the Filter line to Unassigned
  3. Click on the Assign Players to Teams
  4. Choose a team from the drop down list before the Assign to Team button
  5. Check all the players you'd like to assign to that team
  6. Click on the Assign to Team button.

If you filtered the Team to Unassigned in step 2 above, the remaining players to be assigned will be displayed. Otherwise, you will see all players and their assigned teams or you'll see Unassigned. Continue assigning Players to Teams in this manner until all Players are assigned.

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