How are Team Standings Calculated for a League?



RecDesk Software creates Team Standings in a League for your staff, or community to view.

  Before You Start

Team Standings are based on scores entered for all games played. For accurate Standings, scores must be entered for all games played.

  From the Leagues tab, select the League that you wish to see standings for, and go to the Standings tab. To create Standings, navigate to the Schedule tab and click Edit.

Calculating Team Standings/Entering Scores

  • From the Schedule page within the League, select the Division if appropriate and click Edit Schedule
  • Click on the Edit button next to a game
  • Enter the score of the Home Team and the Away Team
  • Click Save



Viewing Team Standings

To view the Standings, navigate to the Standings Page for the League.



The standings will appear in order, based on Win Percent (See Winning Percentage Calculation)

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