How do I set up a Household Stored Payment Option for Payment Plans?



When using the gateway, RecDesk allows you to add/edit Household Stored Payment Options. This allows access to this payment option for future use. PLEASE NOTE: RecDesk DOES NOT store credit card and bank account details on its own servers. We utilize's Customer Information Management (CIM) interface to securely store and access card holder information.

  Before You Start

You may need to explicitly enable the CIM Module in your account prior to utilizing the Stored Payment Options feature. See How do I Activate's CIM Module? for how to do so.

  From the Dashboard, click on the Member tab. Find and select the member that you wish to store a payment option for. 



How do I add a Household Stored Payment Option?

  1. Click on the Household Stored Payment Options tab
  2. Click Add New Payment Option
  3. Choose the Family Member from the drop down
  4. Select Source Type from the drop down:
    • For Credit Card Source Type:
      • Enter Card Type from the drop down
      • Enter Card Number
      • Enter CVV
      • Enter Expiration Month (MM) and Year (YYYY)
    • For eCheck/ACH Source Type (see How do I use eCheck or ACH Processing?):
      • Enter Account Holder Type of Individual or Business from the drop down
      • Enter Routing Number
      • Enter the same number in Account Number and Repeat Account Number
      • Enter Bank Name
      • Enter Name on Account
  5. Enter Cardholder First Name, Cardholder Last Name, Address, City, State, and Zip Code
  6. Click Save.
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