How do I Manage FlexForms on a List of Membership Members?



Once FlexForms have been completed for Membership enrollments, the forms can easily be printed or the data can be exported to Excel. In this article, you'll learn how this is done.


The Form Actions button will only appear if the membership has forms required. See How do I Add a Flexform to a Membership?

 Click on the Memberships tab, then click on the Membership List next to the name of the membership.


Membership Form Actions

After you filter the Membership list if desired, the following Forms Actions can be performed on the entire membership list or filtered roster by navigating to the Roster page for the program, filtering if desired, then clicking on the Form  Actions button:

  1. Print Specific Forms for all membership members in filtered list
  2. Print All Forms for all membership members in the filtered list
  3. Export Specific Form Results to Excel for all membership members in the filtered list.
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