What are the "Revenue By Period - Summary/Detail" in General Ledger Reports?



These reports allow you to sort by date range, and payment method. You can select all payment methods if you wish. You may sort by GL code, or the system will default to include all. You can also sort by RecDesk User/Cashier, or the system will default to include all. In the Summary version of this report, you will see overall revenue, and how that money came into the system, associated with a General Ledger account number. Sales tax will be separated out into it's own line item on both reports. On the Detailed version of this report, you will see the same as the Summary, with the addition of a detailed list of each Program registered for, each Membership enrolled in, etc as they are within each specific GL code. 

  From the Reports tab, click on the General Ledger report of Revenue by Period - Summary or Revenue by Period - Detail.


Please note that the Money section of Reports has identical reports without a General Ledger association if your organization doesn't use GL codes. See What are the "Revenue by Period - Summary/Detail" Reports?

Please be aware that the household credit account ( typically 000 unless renamed) looks from the perspective of the households. A negative number under gross/net means the agency received more credit than it gave out for the allotted time frame that the report was ran.

In the picture above our test agency issued $510.65 household credit more than it took in through purchases for the year.


The household credit account uses the other category. Other under Debits represents households gaining credit. Other under Credits represents households using or losing their account credit.

In the picture above our test agency issued $1285.65 in household credit for the year while bringing in $775 in household credit through purchases of goods and services. 


Under any GL account for any type of programs, memberships, facilities, and POS items, household credit used to buy goods and services paid by individuals shows under the Acct Credit header. A positive number here means the agency brought in credit.

In the above picture, household credit was used to purchase $625 of services that were under the GL of 251.371.1200.


To see a report of what was brought in by the agency during the time frame, select only cash, check, Recdesk credit card, internal credit card, and Recdesk echeck/ACH under payment types. 


To see a report that includes what GL accounts spent household credit was allocated towards, unselected include all under GL Codes and then select everything but NONE-Household Credits.

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