How Do I Email or Text All Coaches on a League?



In this article you will learn how to email all coaches on a league.

  Before You Start

To make a Coach available in the drop down list below, they first need to be added on the Personnel/Volunteers List page with a Role of Coach. See How do I Create or Edit Personnel (Instructors/Coaches/Volunteers)?

  Click on the Leagues tab and click on the league name. Then click on the Coaches tab.


Emailing or Texting All Coaches on a League

  1. If you'd like to email all coaches in a specific Division, select that Division from the drop down
  2. Click on the Actions drop down
  3. Choose:
    • Email Coaches (as To) OR Email Coaches (as Bcc) to send an Email to the Coach List; or
    • Text (SMS) All Coaches to send a Text Message to all Coaches who are opted in to receive Text Alerts; or
    • Display/Copy Email Addresses OR Display/Copy Text/SMS Addresses
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