What are All the FlexForm Elements?



In this article you will learn about all the FlexForm Elements. To build a FlexForm, see How do I Create or Edit a FlexForm?

FlexForm Elements

Form Elements

  • TextBox - To collect a free-form response in a single line of text.
  • TextArea - To collect a free-form response in multiple lines of text.
  • DropDown - To collect a single response from a predefined list.
  • Radio - Aka Option button - To allow user to choose only one choice from a predefined set of options. Optionally allows Other option for user to specify .
  • CheckBox - To allow user to check or uncheck an option.
  • CheckBox List - To allow user the check off one or multiple options from a list.
Advanced Elements
  • Email - To collect a valid email address.
  • Phone - To collect a valid phone number.
  • Price - To collect a response that is in the form of currency.
  • Number - To collect digits.
  • Date - To collect a valid date.
  • Time - To collect a valid time.
  • Address - To collect a valid US or Canadian address.
  • Document - To upload a single or multiple documents. Each file uploaded must be 5 MB max or 25 MB max per FlexForm. File formats supported are:
    • .doc
    • .docx
    • .xls
    • .xlsx
    • .ppt
    • .pptx
    • .pdf
    • .jpg
    • .jpeg
    • .png
    • .bmp
    • .gif
  • Signature - To collect an electronic signature.
Page Elements
  • Page Break - Inserts a new page.
  • Section Break - Inserts a new section with a Title and Description.
  • Text - Inserts a text box for entering fixed information on the Form.
  • Rich Text - Inserts a text box in the center of the screens that allows you to change text color, underline, bold, and more!


The only elements that support HTML code are both under Page Elements; they are Section Break Description and Text.

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