What are the Authorize.net Velocity Filters and How do I Deactivate them?



Authorize.net's Velocity Filters limit the total number of transactions received Per Hour or from the same IP Address. If you have configured your own Authorize.net account with RecDesk without going through GovtPortal, you will need to disable the Daily Velocity Filter AND the Transaction IP Velocity Filter to prevent credit card transactions from going into a Pending for Review status on higher-volume days (more than 100 an hour).

Deactivating Authorize.net Daily Velocity Filters

  1. Log in to Authorize.net and click on Fraud Detection Suite in left-hand column


  2. Click Hourly Velocity Filter (1)


  3. Uncheck Enable Filter and the click Save.


  4. Repeat #2 and #3 above for Transaction IP Velocity Filter (2).


This is very important to do if you configure your own Authorize.net account without going through GovtPortal. Be sure to disable both the Daily Velocity Filter AND the Transaction IP Velocity Filter.

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