What is the "Instructor Compensation - By Registrant Payment Date" Report/Extract?



The Instructor Compensation - By Registrant Payment Date Report/Extract provides an Excel extract with Instructor Compensation Overview and Instructor Compensation Detail tabs. It applies each Instructor's Compensation Schema to all registrant payments during the date range entered. These amounts can then be entered as Expenses under each program. 

  From the Reports tab, click on the Programs report of Instructor Compensation - By Registrant Payment Date.



For more information on adding Instructor compensation schemas, see How do I add Instructors to Programs? For more information on adding expenses to programs, see How do I Enter Expenses for a Program?


The Revenue by Period report will not show these amounts. After you enter these as Expenses under the Program, run the Program Report - Detailed and/or the Revenue by Program report to see your expenses.

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