How do I Create and Use a Drop In Program?



In this article you will learn how to create a drop in program and check people into a drop in program.

How to Create a Drop In Program

  1. Create/Edit a program and select one of these two options for Drop In Support (see How Do I Create or Edit a Program?):
    • Yes - Preregistration Required
    • Yes - No Preregistration Required

How to Check People into a Drop In Program

 From the Dashboard, click Go To Check In from the right side panel. 


  1. Select a Facility from the drop down
  2. Select Enable  - All Facility Programs or Enable - Selected Facility Programs (to only show programs running at the selected facility) from the Drop-In Program Selection drop down
  3. Optionally change the Program Period drop down from All programs to programs running: Today, Today and Tomorrow, or Next 7 Days
  4. Check-In Member:
    • By Last Name - enter first few characters of last name and press Enter. Select them from the list by clicking the Check In button.
    • By Member Id - Enter Member Id and press Enter
    • Scan In - Either the front desk person or the member can scan their barcode
  5. You will be presented with a page to select from the specific programs designated as supporting Drop Ins
  6. Click the Check-In button next to the specific program the paricipant is checking into
  7. If they will be charged a fee, select the appropriate fee from the drop down
  8. If no fee is due, click Complete Check-in to record check in.
  9. If payment is due, click Proceed to Invoice to process payment.


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