COVID-19 Resolutions



As COVID-19 impacts all of our daily lives, we've outlined some tips for handling some issues you may be having in your organization with regards to RecDesk. For your convenience, we have included a short video below most of these tips.

Monthly Membership Auto-Renewals

If you'd like to keep your monthly membership enrollments auto-renewing but would like to not charge people, we recommend that you temporarily change all monthly membership fee amounts to $0 for all fee-types currently in use. See How do I Edit an Existing Membership here. Once in edit mode, change all fee amounts for existing fee-types to $0, then click Save. You can then update the fee amounts again when you are ready to resume the regular monthly charges.

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Extend Membership Dates

We recommend extending the expiration dates on all Primary Members; see How do I edit/change Membership Details here. Once in Edit mode, push the expiration date out by the amount of time you are adding, then click Save.

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Send a Bulk Email

We recommend sending out a bulk email to all members in your system; see How do I send a Bulk Email Campaign?

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Message on your RecDesk Community Site

Please contact your RecDesk Customer Success manager if you'd like us to add a temporary message to your RecDesk site.

See video with examples here


See How do I Process a Refund?

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Cancel/Change Reservations

  1. If payment has already been made on reservation or deposit, first go to the invoice and refund the payment; see How do I Process a Refund?
  2. Cancel/Change the reservation; see How do I View or Edit Facility Reservations?

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Cancel Programs or Transfer Registrants

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Adjust Payment Plans Accordingly

  • If amounts due on payment plans are changing, be sure to Edit the invoice, edit the line item(s), adjust the unit price(s), click OK, and click Save. Then click View Payment Plan, make date changes, and click Recalculate.

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Temporarily Turn Off Activity on your RecDesk Community Site

If you would like ALL community activity to be turned off, including registrations, membership enrollments and reservations, please email We can temporarily turn the site "off" to the public until you are ready to reopen.

Temporarily Change Fee Amounts to $0

If you would like to let people register and pay $0 now, go to the Fees tab of the Program and change the fee amounts to $0. It's also recommended that you add a note to the program and check Include Notes on Receipt with a message indicating that they will be invoiced at a leter date if the program still runs. 

When you are ready to update the fees to the amount charged, edit each individual registration and update the amount of the fee. See How do I Update or Cancel a Program Registration?

Once the registration amounts have been updated, you can go to the invoice's Actions menu and Send Invoice to Customer, or send multiple invoices at once. See Can I send Multiple Invoices at one time?

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Temporarily Change Your RecDesk Community Site to Pay Later

You also have the option to change your RecDesk Community site so all payments are deferred and invoices are created and may be paid later. See How Do I Allow Community Members to Pay Later for Anything Online?

See video here

Print the COVID-19 Monitoring Form

The COVID-19 Monitoring Form will help you keep track of Fever, Cough, Sore Throat, Shortness of Breath, whether a participant has had close contact with someone who has had COVID-19, and lets you enter fever if it's above 100.3°F. See What is the "COVID-19 Monitoring Form" for Programs?

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