How do I Move CRM+ Tasks and Mark them as Complete?



In this article you will learn how move CRM+ Tasks and mark them as complete.  See What is RecDesk CRM+?

  Navigate to the entity where the Task was added and click streamline-icon-task-checklist-check_20x20.png Tasks, or click on the link from a CRM+ email notification


Moving CRM+ Tasks

You can move CRM+ tasks by placing your cursor on the  , and then dragging your mouse to move the task in the list.

Marking a CRM+ Task as Complete

You can mark a CRM+ as complete by simply clicking on the task. You can also click on the completed task to unmark it as complete. See Tips below.


Once completed, a CRM+ task will remain in the list, but it will be crossed off. To hide the completed tasks, click Hide completed tasks.

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