How to Handle "Elimination" or Playoffs on a League



If your league has playoffs, here's a suggestion for how to set this up on your RecDesk League.


After you have completed the regular season schedule, perform the following:

  1. Go to the Teams tab of your league;
  2. Add two new teams:
    • Playoff Placeholder Team 1
    • Playoff Placeholder Team 2
  3. Click on the Schedule tab;
  4. Click Edit Schedule;
  5. Click Add Game:
    • Choose the two placeholder teams for Away Team and Home Team;
    • Set the Date & Time of the game;
    • Set the Location of the game;
    • Click Save;
  6. Repeat Step 5 as necessary for all playoff games.

Once the end of the season is near and you know who will proceed to the playoffs, perform the following:

  1. Go back to your league and click on the Schedule tab;
  2. Click Edit Schedule;
  3. Edit the playoff games and change them to the appropriate team names;
  4. Click Save.
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