What is Attended Check-Out and How Do I Use It?



In this article, you will learn how to use the attended (staff monitored) check out area of RecDesk.

  Before You Start

You will need to have the facilities built that you want to use to check a member out of. If you are checking someone out as a Simple Facility Check-out, this is all you will need.

To check a member out of a membership, you will need to have built and enrolled the member into a membership.

In order to perform check-outs, the facility must have check-outs enabled. See How do I Create or Edit a Facility?

 From the Dashboard, click on the "Go To Check In" button on the right side of the page, then click on the Check-Outs tab.


What is Attended Check-Out?

One option for facility check-outs is the Attended Check-Out. This is normally used when you have someone at the front desk with a computer facing them and, optionally, a barcode reader/scanner that is on the counter and accessible by the public. This allows people exiting your facility to check-out via a barcoded keyfob or id card, or, the counter person can check them out by: a) Last name or b) by entering their Member Id, or by clicking Check Out next to the checked-in member's name. You can filter the recent check-ins list by members Currently Checked In To Facility and you can Search for previous check-ins within the Check-Out Look-back Period; see the Other section of How do I Create or Edit a Facility? 

Basic Steps for Checking Out: 

  1. Select a Facility from the drop down;
  2. If you don't want a check-out sound, uncheck Play a sound when member checks out
  3. Check-Out Member:
    • By Last Name - enter first few characters of last name and press Enter. Select them from the list by clicking the Check Out button;
    • By Member Id - Enter Member Id and press Enter;
    • Scan In - Either the front desk person or the member can scan their barcode;
    • By clicking Check-Out next to a person's Check-In listed on the screen. Above this list of Recent Check-Ins, you may:
      • Change the number of records per page displayed from 10 to 25, 50, or All;
      • Change the Filter View to view only Currently Checked In To Facility to view only members checked in but not yet checked out;
      • Search by Last Name to see only entries for that last name.


For seasonal help or users who you would like to simply limit access too, they can be assigned the "Check-In Attendant" role (as specified in What can each RecDesk Administrative User Role do?) in their RecDesk user log in. This effectively limits the logged in user to ONLY attended check-in/check-out functionality. When a RecDesk user is assigned this role, they are taken directly to the Attended Check-In page.


In order for a barcode to be successfully read by the scanner while in Attended Check-Out mode, RecDesk must be on the Attended Check-Out page and the cursor in the input text box.

You may also find helpful: What Type of Barcode Reader Works with RecDesk?

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