How Can I Drag & Drop from the Flex Calendar?



Any Program/Reservation/League Game Date can be changed within the current time period being viewed by Dragging/Dropping it on the Flex Calendar (Month, Week, Day, or Scheduler views).

  From the Dashboard, click on the Flex Calendar button, select your Filters/View, then Drag/Drop an entry to move it to a new date/time


How to Drag & Drop from the Flex Calendar (Drag/Drop)

  1. Place your cursor on a calendar entry;
  2. Click and hold your mouse on the entry to be moved;
  3. Drag the entry to a new date/time and release the mouse to drop it to the new date/time;
  4. Review the changes being made and click Confirm to save.


  • The Facility will always remain the same when a calendar entry is moved
  • Drag/Drop is limited to the current month, week, or day being viewed
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