How do I Process a Refund?



Refunds can be issued by navigating to the Payment to be refunded via the Payment Search page or the View Invoice links associated with Program Registrations, Memberships or Facility Reservations.

  Before You Start

DO NOT process refunds from the original payment on invoices containing POS items; instead, please process a POS Return. See How do I Return an Item on a POS Terminal?

   From the Money tab, click the Invoice List, and select the invoice that you need to process the refund against.


How to Process a Refund 

  1. Click on the Payments Tab
  2. Click on the Payment # for which the refund is being processed
  3. Click on the Issue Refund button to proceed. You will be able to issue refunds at the line item level for individual payment items.
  4. Choose the Refund Method - Cash, Check, Household Credit, or Credit Card
  5. Optionally add a Reference Number or Refund Note
  6. You will then select if you wish to refund the full amount or partial.


If you choose to Refund Partial Amount, you can issue specific amounts for each line item. The money not refunded (if using General Ledger coding) will remain in the original General Ledger account code.


  • To refund a Security Deposit, choose Refund Partial Amount and enter the amount to refund next to the Security Deposit piece of the payment
  • Credit Card will show as a Refund option only if the payment was made with Credit Card.
  • Automatically Refunding a Credit Card with This process will refund the actual credit card for the amount you issue within 180 Days of the initial transaction; you will still have the option of processing the refund back to the card manually through your payment processor administrative interface if you wish. 
  • Automatically Refunding a Credit Card with Clover Connect: Refunds can be issued to any credit card, regardless of how long ago the payment was made.
  • Same day automatic refunds will void the Connect payment; therefore, same day partial refunds are not allowed, but will be once the payment settles.
  • Refunding a Credit Card without or Clover Connect: This process records the Refund in RecDesk for reporting and reconciliation purposes but does not refund the actual credit card. This must be done through your Payment Processor administrative interface.
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