How do I Enroll a Member into a Membership?



Enrolling Members into a Membership can be done in two areas: From the Membership tab submenu by clicking Add New Membership Member, or from the Quick Actions button on the right of your dashboard screen by clicking Enroll New Membership.

  Before You Start

Create the Membership that you wish to enroll your patrons in. Be sure that it has all the necessary requirements of how you operate your memberships. See How do I Create or Edit a Membership?


How do I enroll a Member into a Membership?

  1. Select a Membership from the Membership drop down list
  2. Choose a Fee Type. If this membership gets auto-renewed, the current fee amount at the time of the auto-renewal for that fee type will be the fee charged for that membership.
  3. Change default Start/End Dates of Membership instance if required
  4. Add an optional Note
  5. Select the Member to enroll by clicking Add New Member
  6. If more than one Member is allowed for the selected Fee Type, repeat Add New Member to add more Members to Membership (other Household Members will be in the drop down)
  7. If you'd like this Membership to be auto renewed, check Auto Renew and complete the following:
    • Optionally choose Days in Advance of the renewal date that you'd like to process the renewal from the drop down
    • Choose a Payment Plan Template from the drop down (see How do I Create a Payment Plan Template?)
    • Select a Payment Plan Method from the drop down:
      • Enroll in AutoPay - Select this option to have installment payments made automatically. Then choose a Payment Option from the drop down (You must have Stored Payment Options for this Household). For more information about stored payment options see How do I set up a Household Stored Payment Option for Payment Plans?.
      • Send Installment Due Email - Select this option to send an email to the Customer each time an Installment Payment is due.
      • Manage Manually (No Email Sent) - Select this option to manage the Payment Plan manually
  8. Click Save



In house enrollment allows much more flexibility on recurring/auto-renewing memberships. Online enrollment is for a one time purchase only.


Each time a Membership gets auto renewed, a new invoice will be created with a new payment plan.

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