How do I Add a CRM+ Task?



CRM+ Tasks can be added to any/all entities with the CRM+ capability. See What is RecDesk CRM+?

  Navigate to the entity to which the Task will be Added. Then click streamline-icon-task-checklist-check_20x20.png Tasks


Adding a CRM+ Task

  1. Click on +New task;
  2. Enter task name;
  3. To assign a task (optional), select a RecDesk User from the Assigned to drop down;
  4. If you assigned the task to a user, you may optionally check the box to Notify the user by email. See Notes here
  5. Set a Due date for the task (optional);
  6. Add any Additional notes to the task (optional);
  7. Click Save.


The email will contain a link to the Task List where the task is assigned so you can go directly to it from the email.

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