How Do I Add FlexReg to a Program?



A FlexReg Program is a program that has enrollment maximums on multiple dates of the Schedule and allows you to manage separate rosters for each date. It will also allow staff to select which dates on the Schedule a registrant wishes to register for, and either pay a fixed fee per time slot or a progressive fee that gradually decreases per time slot as they choose more dates. In this article, you will learn how to set up a FlexReg Program.

  Before You Start

FlexReg Programs are only recommended for programs with a fixed number of dates since you cannot add/change dates on a schedule once people begin to register. Before setting up a program as a FlexReg Program, you must create your Schedule AND Fees (standard fees and add-ons, if applicable) for the program. See How Do I Create and Edit a Program Schedule? and How Do I Create or Edit Fees for a Program? The information under the Flex tab for a program will reflect your current Schedule and Fees defined for your program. If the Schedule or Fees for this Program get changed since the initial FlexReg setup, the FlexReg Options may need to be reviewed before the program is eligible for registration. You will see a  next to the program on the Program List and a warning message will appear once you click on the Flex tab.

 Click on Programs and click on the program name. Then click on the Flex tab


Click on the Edit button.

Creating and Editing Details of a FlexReg Program

Setting Time Slot Minimums and Maximums

  1. Select the Minimum Number of Time Slot (Day) Selections Allowed (optional - default is No Minimum)
  2. Select the Maximum Number of Time Slot (Day) Selections Allowed (optional - default is No Maximum)

Adding Labels and Enrollment Maximums for Each Time Slot (Optional)

  • Optionally, add a Label describing something specific about that date's activity
  • Optionally, enter an Enrollment Maximum (leave blank for no maximum). These will get prefilled by the Enrollment Maximum defined in the Program Info section.

Setting the Fee Options

  1. Select the Base Fee Scheme Option from the drop-down:
    • PER TIME SLOT - This option will charge the SAME AMOUNT for each time slot selected, and all fee-types defined under the Fees tab will be listed when a person registers
    • PROGRESSIVE (fees that are gradually reduced per time slot depending on how many time slots a member registers for) - Select the fees that are available for the number of time slots selected below. See Tips here.
  2. Select Add On Fee Scheme Option (if applicable) from the drop-down:
    • ONCE - This option will only charge for each add-on fee once regardless of the number of time slots selected
    • PER TIME SLOT - This option will charge the add-on fee for each time slot selected
  3. If the Base Fee Scheme Option is Progressive, select at least one fee-type for all the possible number of time slots that can be selected.
  4. Click Save.


  • You cannot edit the schedule when there are active registrants on the roster. If you must add dates to or update a scheduled date, you must cancel each active registrant, change the schedule, and re-register them. It is also recommended that you merge their old invoices into their new invoices. PRIOR TO CANCELING any registrants, make sure any flexforms have Requirement Options of SHARED so the forms will still be available once you re-register the participants. If desired, you can change the Requirement Options back to Per Registration once all participants have been re-registered.
  • We recommend up to 30 time slots for each program and no more than 90 time slots.
  • Progressive Fees are fees that are gradually reduced per time slot if you choose multiple time slots. For example, if you choose 1 time slot, you pay $25, but if you choose 2 time slots, you pay $45 (slightly reduced per time slot). Therefore, for Progressive Base Fee Schemes, we recommend adding fee types like 1 day fee, 2 day fee, 3+ day fee, and enter the reduced fee for that many time slots chosen.


  • If you add/delete time slots, Enrollment Maximums will remain in their original ordinal position. For example, in the schedule below, the 4th time slot has an enrollment maximum of 6 while the default enrollment maximum is 5:


If you add another time slot with an earlier date than time slot 4, the enrollment maximum of 6 will remain on time slot 4 once the new date is added to the schedule.


Therefore, it is very important to review the FlexReg options after changing your schedule.


  • A FlexReg program only shows as FULL on the Program List when ALL time slots are full
  • The wait list registration link feature works best for regular programs
  • You cannot perform drop-ins on a FlexReg programs unless the member is already on the roster
  • Transfers cannot be performed on FlexReg programs
  • You are not allowed to drag/drop scheduled dates on FlexReg programs from the Flex Calendar
  • If the Base Fee Scheme Option is PER TIME SLOT and the Add On Fee Scheme Option is ONCE, the Unit Price on the invoice will be the base price + (add-on fee/number of time slots selected). Here's an example:


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