How do I Create and Edit a Program Schedule?



In this article, you will learn how to create scheduled dates for a program.

  Before You Start

Create your program definition (see How Do I Create and Edit a Program?).

 Click on Programs and click on the program name. Then click on the Schedule tab.


Click on the Edit button. Note: The Edit option is not available if the program is a FlexReg program and there are currently active registrations on the roster. 

Creating a Program Schedule

Setting up a Single Date

  1. Click the Add Single Date button
  2. Enter a Date
  3. Enter a Start Time
  4. Select a Facility (optional)
  5. Click OK
  6. If the schedule looks good, click Save.

Setting up Recurring Dates

  1. Click the Set Recurring Schedule button
  2. Set Start and End Time
  3. Pick the recurrence pattern (Daily/Weekly/Monthly)
    • Select details of repeating schedule. For instance, if Weekly was chosen, select the days that apply such as M/W/F
  4. Select the schedule Range by setting a begin date and then either ending after a fixed number of occurrences or on a specific date
  5. Choose a Facility where this series of events will occur
  6. Click on OK
  7. You will be presented with a list of schedule dates generated from the previous steps. These have not been saved yet. You now have the opportunity to change or delete specific dates due to holidays or other reasons.
  8. Click Save.

Adding Dates to an Existing Schedule

  • By default, when you set up a recurring schedule it will overwrite the existing Schedule. In some instances, you may want to simply add another recurring schedule to an existing one. This may be because the times/days and/or Facilities differ across the recurring dates.
  • To add to the schedule, simply check the Add to existing schedule checkbox and set up the new schedule as outlined above.


  • A Program Schedule must be added with dates that are Current/Future in order for the Program to appear on the RecDesk Community Program List.
  • Don't forget to Save the Schedule.
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