How do I Add a CRM+ Note



CRM+ Notes can be added to any/all entities with the CRM+ capability. See What is RecDesk CRM+?

  Navigate to the entity to which the Document will be uploaded. Then click streamline-icon-conversation-text_20x20__1_.png Notes


Uploading a CRM+ Document

  1. Type your note in the textbox indicated by Write a note...;
  2. If you'd like to send an email notification to another RecDesk User, type @ followed by the user's fist name, then click on the user's name when it pops up. See Tips and Notes here;
  3. Select an Activity from the drop down (if an @mention email is sent, this Activity name will be in the subject line of the email sent);


You can @mention multiple users in one note (ie @jsmith @jdoe Have either of you spoken to this customer?).


The email will contain a link to the Note from which the @mention was sent so you can go directly to the entity to which the note refers.

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